We proudly present the most exclusive coffee in the world: 100% WILD ORGANIC INDEPENDENTLY CERTIFIED Kopi Gorilla from the Virunga Mountains in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This naturally processed rarity is characterised by a smooth kimchi acidity, a spicy durian fruit aroma and lingering nutty aftertaste. The gorillas are thrown high-grown Bourbon coffee cherries from a distance in their natural habitat and hand-foraged exclusively by bird-friendly caretakers. Around fifty kilograms produced annually.



Arabica Bourbon: French Mission, Jackson, Mbirizi



1,700 - 2,000 meters above sea level



only coffee in the world collected from gorilla poop.



naturally processed on raised antiseptic beds.



shipped in a carefully sealed GrainPro bag inside another one.


ROAST Development

the beans develop a rich acidity in the first crack, but taste even better when roasted in a coffee roaster.


CUPPING Experiences

"As intense as being thrown into the bushes by a gorilla."

- Ivan Hrabinsky, Casabarista


"We bought twenty grams of this shit and had to throw it away because it had potato" 

- Elmer Oomkens, White Label Coffee


Gorilla droppings containing coffee beans.

Gorilla droppings containing coffee beans.


PRICE breakdown (EUR/Gram)

€89,90 =

the price you pay for this coffee p/gram.


€3 + €5 + €1,20 

the price paid to farmers for their cherries as p/gram price of green (milled) coffee. The extra €5 is a special This Side Up premium that goes towards conserving the endangered gorillas, and we are legally obliged to pay a €1,20 p/gram insurance premium as many accidents happen while collecting the gorilla droppings.


€0,90 +

processing costs and coop management fee + dry-milling costs and exporter fee.


€78 +

This Side Up margin. Costs include sending samples, sales costs, travel- but mostly a hollow sense of exclusivity for rich people.



total airfreight costs from Virunga to Amsterdam. We ship this coffee in an airtight container so we don't damage other cargo.



or send an email to info@tsutrade.com to ask for availability or samples