It's with quite some pride that This Side Up presents its Ethiopian project. We always thought that a direct partnership with an Ethiopian farm would be years away due to the country's notorious lack of trade transparency - but along along came Sara and Abiy to bring this beautiful coffee project to life.

Sara Morrocchi had first heard of Limu Kossa while still working for Sustainable Harvest. It struck her attention because of the rare combination of traits: a private specialty coffee estate that could export directly and which was run by a man known for his passion and integrity in the local community: Gidey Berhe Retta, or as the locals call him: Abba Ollie ("the one who uplifts"). A friend of Gidey, Abiy Ashenafi - who represents Limu Kossa abroad - just so happened to live in The Hague, so when Sara moved to Holland they reconnected and met for coffee at Coffee Bru. It was soon clear that they spoke the same language when it came to coffee quality, community development and direct roaster involvement.

After cupping some amazing harvest samples Sara introduced Abiy to Lennart at the World of Coffee in Budapest in 2017. The click between them was immediate as well and a partnership was born. Our pilot import from Limu Kossa is called "Galeh" after the microregion where it's from: expect bursting cherry and spicy sweetness and washed brilliance in this beauty of a coffee.

We assure you that the average Ethiopian coffee value chain does not look so simple. The fact that Limu Kossa has its own export license warrants an unprecedented amount of transparency for this notoriously opaque coffee origin.


Countless wild (indigenous) varieties, many of them unspecified and usually called "heirloom" in the specialty coffee world. Limu Kossa is located in the highlands where the coffea arabica species evolved.



1,840 - 2,130 meters above sea level



Limu Kossa is a private estate that extends its knowledge to surrounding farmers in order to be able to support them with higher prices and is an astounding example of agro-forestry where coffee grows as close to wild as commercially possible.


Key Achievements

2017: partnership born, first microlot created for This Side Up, six microplots established for next season.



fully washed: hand-picked, pre-sorted, floated, pulped, wet fermented for 12 hours, soaked and washed, dried on raised beds and dry-milled all under the supervision of the farm owner, Giday.


PRICE breakdown (EUR/KG)

€ 8,42 =

the price you pay for this coffee p/kg. This Side Up agreed on € 6,28 p/kg for Limu Kossa's Grade 1 Galeh lot for our pilot shipment.

€ 2,90 + € 1,23

Cost of farming and harvesting + drying, done internally at Limu Kossa by their hired personnel.

€ 0,18 + € 1,97

Milling in Limu Kossa's own facility + company expense coverage, personnel training costs included.

€ 0,06 + 0,62

Internal transport up to Djibouti and total shipping costs to Europe + customs.

€ 1,46

This Side Up expense coverage. Includes wages, sending samples, travel and various office costs.


In stock from Limu KOssa


  • Galeh fully washed microlot : € 8,42 p/kg



Like our Congo Ngula, we found that the best profile for this washed, hard bean was a derivation of our Aranga profile but with a slightly lower ROR and longer duration. Great balance between fruity acidity and heavier, spicy notes.



You may use these images freely to promote Limu Kossa and the Galeh microlot among your customers.



Limu Kossa's owner is Gidey, an inspiring man who built one of the only independently exporting estates in the country from scratch. His friend and representative, Abiy Ashenafi, lives in the Netherlands and is fluent in Dutch and English.


OWNER Gidey Berhe Retta

SALES Abiy Ashenafi


TEL +251917550244 / +31628453571




Limu Kossa, Jimma Zone, Oromia Region, Ethiopia


Ethiopia and our choice for an estate

- want to support smallholders but no set recipe for cooperation, we work with all structures. People are the most important, and the development ambitions of LK struck a chord with us. It's not a smallholder cooperative and it's not unknown, but it's the most inspiring Ethiopian farm we've ever come across nonetheless.

- sold to specialty roasters before, not best marketing and no long term relationship

2017 update

- seeking partner for establishing links with surrounding farmers and allowing them to export their coffee too

- seeking partner to co-develop farm and microlot system with