Here's how we're changing coffee trade.

Our position in the middle of the coffee value chain gives us oversight on the entire system's sustainability. We therefore feel that, apart from promoting our partners' coffee, it's our responsibility to help initiate, nurture and connect impact projects with committed partners across the value chain.

Field barista project

For three years, we've been sending baristas to Colombia to help our partner Juan Pablo Lasso Argote and his family with the harvest. It turns out a lot of innovation happens when you intimately and equally connect both ends of the coffee value chain. 

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the packaging loop

The specialty coffee industry uses a lot of packaging. Cardboard boxes are bought brand new, while other firms pay high prices to get rid of them. Why not connect these parties, so they can save money, and reduce environmental impact?


cups payING farmers

We found a way to connect the end consumer to the coffee farmer far away. Without much effort, they can now help each other through better consumer choices. We do this with a fund that invests in better agricultural practices.


Circular blog

We are slowly realising that our position in the middle of the value chain allows us to direct and inspire connected sustainability measures within and across our partners' value chains. Thanks to Maarten van Keulen, this vision is now becoming reality.

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coffee sludge

Coffee sludge has a huge nutrional value after it has been used to make coffee. We found out that roasters, cafés and Dutch farmers struggle to find each other, even though much of the logistics exist. So we decided to connect them.

THE other half

While we are developing cascara in all our origins, we figured we can't live up to our promise of higher farmer income if there isn't a bigger market for it. We started working with people across fields to experiment with and share knowledge about this amazing product.