Our favourite Ikawa profiles.

We created, stole, adapted and asked others to make these profiles to fit just about all our coffees. This list will keep expanding, we warmly welcome any submissions as we learn and tweak constantly.

Washed 1

Recommended for denser beans to prevent scorching

Rwanda Rushashi
Rwanda Coko
DR Congo Ngula
Colombia Argote

TSU Washed 1


Strange profile that tends to work magic for naturals

Thailand Saket Natural
Thailand Pangkhon Natural
Myanmar Hopong
Ethiopia Galeh Natural
Rwanda Rushashi Naturals

TSU Natural 1


Washed 2

Adapted from Tim Wendelboe’s washed profile

Peru Churupampa
Thailand Pangkhon washed
Ethiopia Galeh washed
Tanzania Aranga

TSU Washed 2


Developed for Thai honeys, works great for all we tried

Thailand Saket Honey
Thailand Saket Semi-washed
Thailand Pangkhon Honey
Rwanda Coko Honey

TSU Honey 1


Great for Nicaraguas and many other centrals

Nicaragua Expocamo

TSU Washed Nica


Works for pulped natural and natural robustas

Thailand Thung Chang
Flores Rende Nao

TSU Robusta 1


Recommended for (pulped) natural southern Brazils

Brazil Capricornio
Signature lots
Boutique lots

TSU Brazil