Shopify guide

Hey guys, this is the Shopify guide on how to make a draft order and to get a little bit of basic understanding of Shopify.

Some good things to know and keep in mind:

  • all orders, including samples, go through Shopify.

  • Shopify has a manual connection to the backbone, which is the system that sets the logistics system in motion, next to updating all the book keeping. This manual connection is done by Lennart, Maarten and Bas.

  • draft orders are made when customers call you, want to have a personal treatment, have some kind of discount deal and what not. It is the manual staff option when customers don’t want to use our webshop themselves.

  • also for in stock reservations you can make a draft order, where customers are asked to select this as a payment option when they receive the order confirmation email. Making reservations on incoming stock (pre-order) will become available soon.

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Step 1

Log in to Shopify by using your personal email. The Shopify shop itself is called

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Step 2

You now enter the home screen or dashboard of Shopify. It tells you what has been happening, if they orders are placed, if they still need to be fulfilled or need to be paid.

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Step 3

Now click on orders, and then click on drafts. Under all orders, you can see which orders have been placed recently through the shop and what their status is, in case you’re curious.

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step 4

Once you’ve clicked drafts, go to the right of your screen and click Create order.

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step 5

You’re now in the draft order. You can enter products, notes, discounts, shipping rates and more. Let’s say that Bas Clerkx has called and wants to order 3 bags of Capricornio Burundi Style Fermentation.

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step 6

In the search products line, type “capricornio burundi” and type enter. You now see the product, and the three product options: being a 30kg bag, an unroasted sample and a roasted sample. Bas wants 3 bags, so tick the box of Bag (30kg) and click add to order.

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Step 7

Once the product is added to the order, change the number into 3 pieces. We now want to determine shipping, which is the easiest by adding the customer details - Shopify will then automatically calculate shipping costs as these vary from country to country.

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step 8

Go to the right, to “Find or create a customer”. Bas Clerkx is already in, so when you type his name, his account will pop up. Now click on his account. In case of a new customer, click “Create a new customer” and fill out the details.

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step 9

Now go to “Add shipping” in the order, and click on it. Let’s assume that Bas wants to have it home delivered. Through the system, it recognizes the amount of kgs and also the right shipping method, in this case 1/4 of a pallet. Click on it and click on “apply”.

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step 10

Basically, it’s all done right now. You can, if you like, add a note to the customer, or you can add a special discount if that was agreed upon by the TSU staff. It’s now ready to “Email invoice”. Please stay away from the Mark as paid and Mark as pending buttons.

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step 11

You can now write the email text that joins the invoice you just made. You can also send a copy to yourself. After this, you click “review email” and send it off to the customer by clicking “send notification”.

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step 12

The customer now receives an email, where he or she can click on “Complete your purchase” and gets redirected to the payment options. Your work as a draft order maker is now done. Good job!


In case you’re interested, this happens after that procedure. A short version:

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step 13

Customers can pick a payment method, being:
1) direct payment option (iDeal, Sofort, BanContact, Bitcoin)
2) pay within 14 days options
3) reservation for in stock articles

Reservations as in pre-orders for incoming coffee will be available through this system at a later point.

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step 14

Once a payment option is selected and followed through, the draft order becomes a real order (with matching order number) and is visible in the general Orders list. From here, Lennart, Maarten and Bas will pick it up and manually put it through to the backbone system.

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step 15

The backbone is a huge excel file that talks to all other excel files we’re using in the book keeping. This is also accessible for the logistics partners, warehouse and Olam. Once an order is in here, we send an email to notify these partners, and things start rolling!