Rushashi Minazi Washed

notes of honey, black tea, nectarine. fully washed according to Abakundakawa’s classic triple fermentation method.

€ 8,90/kg

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Rushashi Minazi Natural

notes of red grape, papaya, strawberry. natural from the village of Minazi.

€ 9,25/kg

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Rushashi Rutabo Natural

notes of blueberry, tropical fruit, cherry. natural from the village of Rutabo, organic certified.

€ 9,18/kg

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Coko Honey Washed

notes of cherry, mandarin, strawberry. honey washed process guided by Twongerekawa Coko’s trusted roasters.

€ 9,15/kg

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Intango Lot #2

notes of pineapple, stone fruit, superb florals. first washed lot available from our friend Gilbert Gatali’s new washing station.

€ 9,05/kg

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