You can purchase Rushashi's green coffee by reserving it on This Side Up's planned shipment. You can reserve any amount of bags of Rushashi - starting from 1 bag (60 kg).


Just like in direct trade arrangements, we ask you to purchase your coffee before it's shipped. Except with This Side Up, you pay for shipping later - upon arrival at your address.


Remember that our shipping costs are door-to-door, not "ex warehouse" - delivered right to the doorstep of an address of your choosing!


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Why do I need to purchase my coffee up front?

Coffee growers have a significant liquidity issue that is inherent to coffee production: it costs a lot of money to harvest, process and mill coffee, and all of those costs are incurred before their coffee is sold. This Side Up commits contractually to its partner growers and channels the money you pay up front (minus our profit margin) to them. This helps to solve both our own and the growers' liquidity issues and motivates them to adhere to the highest quality standards when processing your coffee. 


Why can't I see how much I have to pay for shipping?

We only know the shipping costs per roaster once we know how full our containers are right before the departure date. We then inform you of the shipping costs, which you pay upon arrival at your chosen address. This Side Up guarantees that you never pay more than $3 p/kg for door-to-door shipping, but as our containers tend to be fully consolidated, you usually pay less! 


What happens if the coffee is rejected on contractual grounds?

This Side Up signs contracts with exporting parties with the "SAS Preship" clause. This means that the contract is subject to approval of a "blind" pre-shipment sample, that is taken by an independent third party and approved by us on the basis of moisture content, number of defects and a cupping test. When this sample is approved, in principle this means that This Side Up and the buyer approve of the quality of the shipment itself and it can be exported. If we reject this sample on contractual grounds, or if something happens to the coffee during shipping, your money is simply refunded.

Please read our General Terms and Conditions for a detailed overview, or contact us if you have questions about the sample approval process.


Can I buy this coffee after the reservation deadline?

Up to now, This Side Up has avoided warehousing by selling all coffee we commit to before it is shipped, and we like this model because it keeps the coffee price competitive and reduces our operating risk. However, we do not exclude this possibility in the future - just be wary of extra storage costs!


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$ 684

This price consists of $ 8,40 p/kg + the maximum door-to-door logistics cost ($ 3 p/kg) that This Side Up can charge.



July 15th, 2014 

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Contractual description: Green Arabica (mainly Bourbon) coffee, A1 grade, screen size 15+, humidity 10,5-12%, 2014 harvest, shipped in 60 kg GrainPro bags or similar

$ 504 per bag (ex shipping; ex VAT)

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$ 504



$ 504 =

This is the price you pay up front when reserving 1 bag (60 kg) of Rushashi coffee with This Side Up. 1 bag is the minimum amount of coffee you can buy.


$ 8,40 p/kg =

The total price p/kg you pay for your coffee ex shipping costs, ex VAT.


$ 7 +

export price paid to Abakundakawa (the cooperative that runs Rushashi CWS) See the Rushashi CWS profile page for the exact breakdown of this price. 


$ 1,40 (20%)

This Side Up profit margin as percentage of p/kg export price. We don't charge a profit margin over shipping costs. Our relatively low profit margin is the reason we can pay such a large premium to the farmers and simultaneously give you a competitive price!