This Side Up presents: Origin Stories.

There is always a lot going on in coffee country and the industry is very vocal. However, we realised we were missing the producer point of view in many conversations so Sara and Jeroen decided to change this. Sara guides the talks and brings together the speakers and Jeroen puts everything together technically. Who knew that This Side Up had all that’s needed in house to start a radio station? From now on, every other month, we plan to publish a podcast about the goings on in a particular origin we work with.

Ko Ko Win with specialty coffee farmers in Hopong, Myanmar.

1. Myanmar


Demystifying Myanmar as a ‘new origin’ in coffee. Myanmar has been growing coffee for decades and built an established local producing and consuming industry.

Part 2: The Specialty ERA

Why and how did Myanmar move from commercial to specialty coffee production? We highlight the political and social dynamics that led to local and foreign investments in specialty coffee, with special focus on the role of USAID/Winrock.


How will the country continue to thrive in the specialty coffee industry and remain relevant while major coffee development programs approach their end?