No cow, much wow

Did you know that oatmilk has an 80% lower climate impact compared to cowmilk? Eighty percent. That is a lot of avoided impact by just making a different consumer choice.

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Join the awareness week

To help the specialty coffee industry a bit further towards a better world, This Side Up organises an 'Oatmilk Awareness Week' from the 19th to the 25th of March. Let's do it all together, and tell our customers about the benefits of drinking oatmilk (it's so much more than just that alternative for people with allergies and lactose intolerance).


social enterprises unite

We will work together with Oatly, the Swedish firm with their foamable barista edition. Like This Side Up, Oatly is a social enterprise that believes that to make a lasting difference, your product first of all has to be extremely tasty. Great specialty coffee combined with the best, frothy oatmilk - sounds like a tasty way of making the world a better place, right? And by the way, we're not getting paid to say any of this, nor are we aiming at recruiting new cafés or roasters.

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Measuring vs. marketing

This campaign is part of Maarten van Keulen's Circular Coffee Project for This Side Up. As a scientific project, we want to measure its impact. We aim at roasters and cafés that already use Oatly, and want to measure the difference after we focus one week on promoting the environmental benefits. Does it make any difference? Do people choose more for plant-based milk when they know of the environmental benefits?


What we need and why this is good for you

  1. Put the sign on the counter that shows the extraordinary reduced climatic impact of 80%. We will provide you with a nice poster.
  2. Give us an estimate of how much oatmilk vs cowmilk you sold before, during and after the awareness week. Then we all know if our efforts were worthwile. All data will be used confidentially.
  3. By doing this, you help research further. Does it really help to market environmental impacts in the specialty coffee industry?
  4. Your new way of marketing might even attract new customers.


Let's find it out together. Want to join? Press the 'Join the Campaign' button and subscribe.

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