Welcome to our kiloshop.

Home roasters are among the most passionate of This Side Up's supporters, but we've never consistently been able to meet their demands until now. In our kiloshop, you can order single kilos of coffee from all our partners when in stock. Scroll down to see all our delightful greens!


Pricing and Delivery

  • kiloshop coffees are + € 5 p/kg incl. VAT compared to stock prices
  • shipping is free in EU for orders above 20 kg
  • maximum kiloshop order per shipment: 28 kg
  • credit card and Paypal only, working on iDeal integration

Rwanda: tropical and citrus fruits, tea notes and a lot of sweetness. Light and medium roasts bring out their full complexity.

Our favourite Ikawa roast profiles for Rwandas:

Ethiopia: the widest possible range of coffee varieties from close to the mother forest in Kaffa. The full spectrum of nuts, fruits and florals - easy and forgiving to roast.

Our favourite Ikawa roast profile for the Galeh microlot:

Tanzania: easily one of the most versatile coffees in our assortment: from a floral, medium bodied filter to a sugar-sweet dark fruity espresso.

Our favourite Ikawa roast profile for Aranga:

Congo: a unique mix of varietals makes this an unpredictable one to roast: earthy undertones, Geisha-like smoothness and crazy fruits all at once. A beauty for filter especially.

Our favourite Ikawa roast profile for the Ngula Microlot:

Nicaragua: beautiful harmony between body and juiciness, some of our favourites for medium and dark roasts.

Our favourite Ikawa roast profiles for Expocamo's Nicaraguas:

Colombia: layered sweetness with subtle florals and pronounced fruits. Moderate roasting difficulty, all the more joy when you get it right!

Our favourite Ikawa roast profile for Argote and Muñoz:

Indonesia: robusta behaves very different than arabica in the drum. the Flores strand will reward a good roast with great body and milk chocolate sweetness.