Impact matters

This Side Up is a social enterprise. We use money as a means to obtain positive change. Positive change in the fields of more transparant and equal trade, improved income, better environmental practices and more. Below we present our results achieved so far.

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imported kg coffee

In our 5 year history, we’ve managed to trade 5,267,000 kgs of coffee in a transparant, direct and equal way.

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Growth farmer income

Comparing to market prices, we’ve paid 44% more on average. Not because higher prices are our goal, these prices represent what coffee really costs.

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liters of water saved

Washed coffee requires a lot of water. We’ve tried to stimulate our producing partners to save water - by investing in new mills and producing naturals.

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premiums spent

On each kg of coffee bought, we pay a premium. This premium is meant to invest in quality upgrades, decided by the farmers themselves.

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Growth per origin

Equal and honest trade stimulates entrepreneurs along the entire value chain. Through our trade, our partners have grown with 21% on average.

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direct connections

We see ourselves as a “connector” between roasters and producers, and stimulate as many direct connections as possible. Up until now 4,231 connections have been made.