#02 - Genova - Para mi familia colombiana

“Juan you have a beautiful country” was one of the first things I said when arriving at Pasto airport. Juan answered “Thank you, its also your country now”. 

The Argote family is so warm and lovely. I couldn’t have wished for a better home during my stay here. 

Mi madre y mi padre are wonderfull loving people, every morning we are greeted with a “buenos diaz” and although we don’t always understand each other because of the language barrier we’ll understand each other eventually. 

Mi madre y mi abuela make the best food together with the maid. It is like eating in a restaurant all day long. From breakfast to diner it is so delicious especially the empanadas! 

Mi abuelo is a quiet man who says that he understands us when we laugh, and we laugh a lot here! This weekend we're celebrating his and mi abuela's birthday - felicitaciones!

The other pickers we work with on the field every day, Hugo, Ibeth, Adrian, Freddy and Marjorie are so nice to us. We laugh a lot at the end of the day when the coffee is being weighted and during the day they help us finding our lane as we often loose ours. 

The people I share this experience with are great as well, part of the family, we shared a lot of good days and some hard, tired and humid days together and I'm especially glad I met Rebecca and hope to visit Scotland soon! 

And of course there is Juan Pablo, mi mas querido amigo. He helps us understand the spanish language and whenever we want to do something he will always say : Yeah, sure, let’s go! He’s eager to learn from us and proud to teach us. He’s the perfect host and takes great care for us. 

There is less then a week left of our trip and I don't want to say goodbye.

I wish I knew how to thank this wonderful family for making me feel at home even if I’m 9000km away. 

Last night we went to see the Colombia - Peru football game at the local pub. We were wearing our Colombian shirts we bought the other day and shouted along with the locals whenever we missed a goal. 

We won! And everybody was hugging and dancing all night long. I felt Colombian that night, and everyone made me feel home.