#01 – Rotterdam

“One black coffee please.” Says the man across my bar. 
I explain to him the different sorts of coffees we have that day, a soft nutty and peach like Ethiopian, a dark chocolate and raisin like Kenia and we have a sweet and milk chocolaty like Colombian. 
“The Colombian please.”
As I grind the 14 grams of coffee and wet the Kalita filter I think of the fact that in about two weeks I’ll be working, harvesting and washing coffee on a farm in Colombia.

I think of the funny way coffee gets to you.

The first stage : You drink coffee, this for most people starts with adding a lot of milk and sugar but maybe you’ll grow out to be a coffee drinker that drinks it straight and black. Anyway, you’ll develop a taste for it, your kind of coffee, just the way you like it, this is were you may be entering

Stage two: Making coffee. You’ll experiment with some recipes, maybe even try some different roasters. This can go on for a while and maybe you’ll enter

Stage three: You’ll discover the different origins and their specific flavors and a whole new world opens up to you. If you have entered this stage, there is no turning back. You’ll never be able to just drink coffee, you’ll taste it!  (Warning: this stage may include friends being afraid to serve you coffee at their homes)
The next stages vary from discover cuppings and developing your taste even more, roasting coffee, trying to master every method from espresso to Chemex etc.

In two weeks time I’ll be from drinking coffee, making it, cupping the coffees we roast, process the coffee and harvesting it, to maybe even planting coffee! I’ll shoot like a kamikaze through all these stages that I have been in for almost six years.

I can’t wait to help the Argote family and although I have been on a coffee farm before I never actually worked on one. Will this be the last stage? Will this answer all my questions or will it raise even more questions? I don’t know.

“Here is your coffee sir, enjoy!”

Maybe this will be the cup that awakens his interest, maybe this will be the start of his coffee passion/obsession like it was mine when I first drank a good filter coffee, I hope so.

It’s not the caffeine that is addictive.

It’s the product itself.