When waste becomes food

That sticky, black coffee sludge that comes out of your espresso machine or filter coffee set-up is worth more than just the bin. Combined with garden and food waste and composted well, it can serve as fantastic nutrition for farms and gardens.

It can rehabilitate polluted soil, keep away rats and other pests, suppress weeds and much more. Use it right though - coffee is acidic, and a 1/4 ratio coffee sludge/compost is recommended.

We've connected some of the actors in our chain. Lebkov & Sons in Leiden now provide the Indoorvolkstuin in Rijnsburg, Van Rossum Koffie in Zutphen delivers to the local communal gardens, and we're talking with a great start-up than can do magic with this "waste".

Got some coffee sludge left or want it for your own garden? Let us know and we might be able to set you up!

Reach out to Maarten at maarten@thissideup.coffee