Circular Coffee Update May 2018

Hi guys!

The circular train got up to speed! We’ve been very busy behind the scenes, a little update:

  • Reincarnating cardboard. In our January update we talked about our collaboration with the Excess Materials Exchange, the trade platform for usable ‘waste’. We’re getting up to speed on this one, with a start-up rolling out of it. It is called ‘Ouwe Dozûh’, a funny way to describe old boxes in Dutch. What the start-up simply does is picking up old boxes at companies that have too much of it and don’t want to pay excessive waste bills, and deliver them to companies that need as-good-as-new boxes for a very reduced price. Everybody wins, and the environment as well. Want to get some boxes, or get rid of them? Check:
  • Helping the environment, for free. Remember we talked about reusable cups? We’ve now started a fund. A fund? Every time a customer brings his or her own cup, a café saves around €0,10 on paper cup expenses, including the lid. This money can now directly go into a fund that is used to educate farmers on environmental friendly ways of growing coffee. So people don’t pollute their local towns anymore with single-use cups, and directly donate to a good cause, all done when bringing a reusable cup. Sounds intriguing and might want to join? Pay close attention to the This Side Up updates the coming weeks, we’re very close to the launch! 
  • Coffee sludge really needs to go places. Back in November, we thought it would be an easy call getting rid of the very nutritious coffee sludge that roasters and cafés throw away every day. There are quite some initiatives here and there, but they don’t cover all corners of the nation yet, or provide a steady pick-up service. Time to put some more energy on this topic. We’ve managed to connect Lebkov & Sons in Leiden to the Indoorvolkstuin in Rijnsburg, are looking into solutions at Van Rossum’s Koffie in Zutphen, and might have found an experimental partner for Stielman in Rotterdam. Do you have a lot of coffee sludge left or actually want to have it for your big vegetable garden? Let us know!
  • Overview is nice. We’ve updated the projects page at the This Side Up website, to give a clearer overview on what’s happening and how you can join. Look at  

As you can see, many exciting projects! Don’t just sit there, but join at least one of them! A little bit of positive impact has never hurt anyone, has it?

Be in touch!