Circular Coffee Update January 2018

Building forward on the 5 measures that were selected from the November Circular
Coffee Workshop, Lennart and Maarten really got into it the last few weeks.

A quick update:


  • Pilot project with the Excess Materials Exchange. For the Circular Coffee project, This Side Up has teamed up with the circular start-up Excess Materials Exchange, a digital facilitated marketplace where companies can exchange any excess materials and products. Specifically, the collaboration will consist of testing the online market place for excess packaging (like cardboard boxes), and possibly also for coffee sludge. Interested parties for the pilot, especially those with a huge consumption of packaging materials, and those with way too much of it in the bins every week, are more than welcome to join.
  • This Side Up premium shifts from social, to circular. It happened already here and there, the premiums paid on top of the This Side Up coffees were spent at some environmental aims. But now it becomes the firms policy – to see where the premiums can be used to help farmers socially, but also environmentally – focused on stronger financial independence, less intensive resource use, less pollution and a better future for people and planet. It is not always easy to find a solid balance, but making the world a bit better, actually never has.
  • Bring Your Own Cup, comparing the realistic options. Most of us in the industry have experienced it, it’s tough to find a reusable cup that people actually use, which stimulates people to bring it around, and reduces the disposal of paper cups in the end. We’ve looked into some new and innovative options, and made a ‘comparison document’, which will come out soon. Roasters, cafés and other interested parties can then write themselves in, so that we can buy it together at a cheaper bulk price. As a community we will then organise a ‘bring-your- own- cup’ awareness week – a week where we will try to pay a little bit more attention to telling our customers the importance of bringing such a cup. Together, we can start a change.
  • Talks, talks, and talks. We are talking with a lot of partners, organisations and firms. All kinds of people, spanning from milk people to agronomists, from vegetable farmers to oat milk producers and from the Specialty Coffee Organisation to cascara importers. A lot is in the pipeline!

We will keep you posted, a lot of cool stuff is happening soon. In the meantime, if you’re
interested in joining a specific project, or if you have any other good ideas or comments,
please let us know.

Kind regards,
Maarten –