Based on our experiences and feedback, we simplified the delivery options from our warehouse to make your total costs 100% predictable.


1. Minimum order quantity for businesses is 1 bag.

2. Delivery for 10 bags or more is free.

3. Delivery for less than ten bags works like this:


Amsterdam  (transport on bikes or electric trucks): €50 flat fee

Netherlands and Belgium: €75 flat fee

Germany and Luxemburg: €75 for one bag, + €10 for additional bag

 Rest of Europe: €95 for one bag, + €10 for additional bag



€ per bag



4. Useful information

You can pick up coffee yourself from our warehouse in Amsterdam. In this case, you only pay €15 flat fee (clearance costs).

If you live outside the Netherlands, you are exempt from paying VAT. In the Netherlands, the VAT (BTW) amounts to 6%.

All prices are in euro (€). Conversion to other currencies is done upon purchasing coffee unless otherwise agreed.

All orders are strapped on Europallets (120x80 cm) unless otherwise agreed.

Max 10 bags fit on a single pallet.