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The offer list below is updated whenever new orders are placed. All coffee is of current crop, which expires when the next crop arrives in our warehouse. For orders, send an email to or fill in the left form to receive stock samples. For origin purchases, view our stock calendar and get in touch about customising your order.

Order information:

  • The discount for 500+ kg is valid for any bag combination

  • Shipping rates on demand: between 50 and 220 euro per pallet (up to 700 kg) within Europe.

  • Minimum order: 1 bag

  • For orders of less than 5 bags, a fixed €20 surcharge applies.


Weekly update Summary (19-03-19):

  • Thailand Mae Kha Jan sold out

  • Last bags Colombia Efrain Lasso Argote


We only send invoices after you give us the final order per email.
We accept bank transfer, iDeal, credit card, PayPal, Mister Cash and Bitcoin.

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