Flor Silvestre Blend is a blend compounded by 60 small coffee farms on the Dipilto-Jalapa mountain Range. In order to belong to this brand, the coffee farms must be located above 1,300 above sea level and contain varietals that in Francisco's words cup with "sweet, complex, and wild notes such as raspberry, tamarind, passion fruit and lemon zest". He also sees to it that these coffee farmers have their coffee farms well treated, well fertilised, and managed responsibly by not using harmful agrochemicals.

Of course, this coffee too is dried and processed at Francisco's beneficio (La Guadalupana), so for an SHG-EP grade coffee, has astounding clarity of flavours and shelf life. It is the first time This Side Up offers a coffee in this price range, and we couldn't be more proud of the result!


Caturra, Red and Yellow Catuaí and Pacas



± 1,300 meters above sea level



Uniquely available through Expocamo. Particularly high cleanness and long shelf life for a coffee in this price range.



Only optimal ripe cherries are picked, depulped and then put into fermentation tanks for about 14-20 hours depending on how rainy or sunny it is. It then goes to the washing channel where it is soaked with clean water until it is 100% clean. Immediately after, the wet parchment goes to Beneficio La Guadalupana in Ocotal to dry on raised beds and 100% shaded. The drying process takes about 12-18 days depending on the weather. 



all our coffees are shipped in GrainPro inner bags in 69 kg burlap bags.


ROAST Development

light roasts bring out balanced tamarind, raspberry and passion fruit acidities, while darker roasts develop a more chocolaty body with these same fruit notes. This coffee is ideal for an artisan roaster's main espresso and milk-based drink.





PRICE breakdown (EUR/KG)

€5,05 =

the price the roaster paid for this coffee p/kg.

€3,03 +

the price Expocamo pays the farmers for their wet parchment, shown as p/kg green coffee price. SHG grade coffees can be more than half of a smallholder farmer's total production, so providing a premium for these coffees (as opposed to the usual market price) makes a huge difference in total farmer revenue. 

€1,26 +

Total costs of drying and dry processing the coffee owed to Expocamo. Founder Francisco is known in the region for his coffee quality expertise and ensures that wet parchment from his partner farmers is dried to perfection on his raised beds and processed and sorted in state of the art equipment before exporting. 

€0,25 +

total shipping costs from Expocamo to Amsterdam.


This Side Up sales fee and expense coverage, i.e. 10% of the sales price. Expocamo's coffees are sold directly to roasters from our warehouse in Amsterdam. Our costs include sending samples, sales costs and representation.




We work with Francisco Javier Valle Garcia directly, the exporter, educator and owner of the drying facilities that allow these farmers' coffees to be processed and exported as "Flor Silvestre": a clean, solid SHG-EP grade. For more information, he's the one to contact.


EXPORTER Francisco Javier Valle Garcia

EMAIL franciscovalle84@gmail.com 

FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006619819284

TEL +505 87129703



Various communities in Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua: Cerro del Ayote, Diplito, La Union, Cerro de La Explosion.



Flor Silvestre Blend is a blend of coffees by 60 small coffee farms located in Nueva Segovia, most or this coffee is at 1,300 masl in communities such as Cerro del Ayote, Diplito, La Union, Cerro de La Explosion. While we try to promote all our partner farmers' coffee as a single origin, we understand that there are farms that do not (yet) meet the criteria or volume to be branded as such.

The solution Francisco found was to combine all these small farms' 80+ (SCAA) lots into a blend he labels "Flor Silvestre" after the famous Mexican singer and actress. In this way, he can offer a premium to these smaller farmers - while at This Side Up, we can offer a coffee in this price category for the first time. The blend has been on our cupping table together with our twelve single farm Nicaraguan microlots many times and easily holds up, making it one of our best value for money offerings.


This Side Up and EXPOCAMO have started to work together to support smallholders in the Nueva Segovia region to achieve their goals by paying high premiums for their coffees. Francisco Valle Garcia, EXPOCAMO’s founder, is known in the region for being loyal to small farmers and for upgrading coffee quality knowledge and equipment. This Side Up’s role is to give farmers a face in the specialty coffee world and to find roasting partners who care as much as we do about developing our partner smallholders by creating the best coffees possible. We hope that, with the Flor Silvestre blend, we can provide a clean base coffee for many smaller roasters' main espresso or milk-based coffee that is affordable while still staying firmly within the ideals of our company!


or send an email to info@tsutrade.com to ask for availability or samples