We proudly present our smallholder farmer coffees.
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The origin where This Side Up started testing its development model in 2013. Beautifully complex fruity coffees from a new generation of idealistic local coffee entrepreneurs.


sold out: two fully washed village lots from Burimba and Minazi - €8,90 p/kg (green coffee and cascara)

"Taste of juicy tropical fruit, ripe orange, honey and flowers. Very clear and creamy, sirupy. A complex and very exciting coffee. A jewel on our tasting table and in the cup." - Roger Wittwer, Kafischmitte


in stock: fully washed village lot from Gitaba and Kavumu - €8,90 p/kg

"Red currants, cranberries and very bright aroma of cherries which reminds a lot of a natural warm cherry jam. Medium body." - Emanuelis Ryklys, CNACS

Nicaragua might have been in the shadow of its neighbours for a long time, but this is changing. This Side Up and local partner Francisco work with a group of twelve smallholders who are determined to conquer the world with their incredibly clean, chocolaty and cherry-sweet coffees.


Francisco's Lots

ETA July 2017: blended, fully washed, single variety, natural single farm lots - from €5,05 p/kg to €10,20 p/kg

Fine dark chocolate aroma and mouthfeel with balanced cherry acidity. Perfect for sweet espresso and milk-based coffee drinks.

It's hard not to lose your heart in this country's stunning coffee lands. Despite many institutional issues, we're working with incredibly committed farmers to connect their uniquely smooth coffees to the specialty world.



ETA May 2017: fully washed lot - €7,94 p/kg

"The coffee has a modest, round body with floral aromas, a silky vanilla mouthfeel and the dark sweetness of blackcurrant. A godlike coffee from the African continent" - Rommert Schram, Kikundi Coffee

Colombia and Nariño need no introduction, but our beloved Argote family does. In the years to come, we're sure you'll recognise not only this name, but that of their entire village's previously undiscovered coffee gems. The Argote family also hosted our first ever Field Barista Project.



in stock: Argote and Muñoz Diaz family lots - €8,89 p/kg

"I have roasted a couple of batches now and am really enthusiastic about this new crop. It's lost some of it's acidity and fruitiness, but the coffee gained a lot of sweetness, it's got a cleaner cup and is more layered and complex..." - John Schot, Schot Koffie

A relatively unknown coffee origin with a young, vibrant specialty coffee community that is quickly making their country's sweet, zesty coffees known across the world. We are doing all to support such inspiring homegrown development.


Pangkhon preview.png


ETA July 2017: fully washed, honey and natural lots - from €9,32 p/kg

Sweet citric acidity that balances with a pleasantly surprising round, cardamom-like savouriness and silky mouthfeel.


ETA July 2017: fully washed, honey and natural lots - from €9,65 p/kg

Cherry sweetness and smooth, macadamia-like body with a tangy, almost spicy aftertaste.

Indonesian coffee is among the most diverse and undiscovered in the world, and the robusta we found in Flores is a sweet, chocolaty class of its own. We formed task force to upgrade this underdog species and turn it into the pride of the island.


Manggarai preview.png


8 bags in stock: pulped natural robusta - from €5,95 p/kg

Robusta exhibits natural bitters that derive from its high caffeine content. These are beautifully complimented by a sweet milk chocolate sweetness and very full body. Great supplement to traditional espresso blends.

Although we aim for long-term cooperation at This Side Up, due to disruptions in the value chain or underperformance of the coffees, we are sometimes forced to discontinue our work with growers - if only temporarily. Of course we still wholeheartedly recommend them as partners, their coffees and quality standards. Check out their profiles below.


Rwanda Iwacu (2014 and 2015)

Ecuador Olmedo (2013)